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5 Common Bike Myths you must know if you are new to the biking world, Do Read

In this article, we wil ltell you about 5 common myths associated with bikes. If you are a rider you may have heard atleast one of these myths.

5 Common Bike Myths: If you ride a motorcycle, it’s likely that you’ve heard a lot of myths and false information. As word spreads down the bike chain about riding safety, even seasoned riders are prone to believing some lies. In this article, we will tell you 5 bike myths that are very common.

5 Common Bike Myths

1. Open-face helmets are as good as full-face helmets

Due to their full head coverage, which includes the chin and face, full-face motorcycle helmets offer more protection than open-face helmets.

In comparison to open-face helmets, full-face helmets lower the incidence of head injuries by 64% and neck injuries by 36%, according to a meta-analysis published in Preventive Medicine Reports. A full-face helmet’s fully enclosed construction decreases noise by up to 30 decibels, and its faceshield protects the face and allows for a clear view.

2. Do not use front brakes

It is a frequent misperception that using the rear brakes exclusively when feasible is preferable to not using the front brakes at all. In cases where the rider needs to stop quickly, it is thought that applying the front brakes could send them flying and force them to flip over the handlebars. It’s actually the other way around. Modern motorcycle designs rely heavily on the front brakes for stopping force. Thus, using your front brakes is the best approach to maintaining effective control over your bike and, if needed, coming to a rapid halt.

3. Riding gear is for show

According to some riders, wearing other protective gear is excessively hot or constricting, and helmets are more trouble than they are worth. in particular throughout the summer. We’ll skip over the helmet discussion here because it was covered above. Gear is still essential even though it could be hot in the summer. Furthermore, most summer gear is now ventilated to improve comfort and keep riders cooler and safer while riding because of technological breakthroughs in material and design.

4. Loud bikes keep you safe on road

Your safety on the road will increase with the volume of the bike. I’m sure you heard about this before. Not only that, but it makes sense. Bikers that make noise while riding are more likely to be seen by oncoming traffic, which increases safety. Regretfully, this assertion is unsupported by the evidence. The majority of the time, motorcycles cannot be heard inside cars until they are too close to one another to prevent an accident, according to research conducted in Europe.

5. Conventional brakes are faster at stopping the bike than ABS

Perhaps, but that’s not the main point. ABS cannot allow faster stopping. It allows you to continue controlling the handle when applying severe brakes. Compared to a revolving tyre, a skidding tyre has 30% less grip and zero steering control. If you maintain your momentum, you can avoid an impending collision even if you apply severe brake pressure.

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