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Attention EV Owners! Avoid These Mistakes To Prevent Your Vehicle From Catching Fire; Checkout Details

Here, we have listed some common mistakes that EV owners must avoid while charging their vehicle. Checkout details in the fully story.

Electric Vehicle Charging: The rising prices of fossil fuel has led to a significant increase in the demand of electric vehicles. People are now choosing electric two wheelers and cars over the fossil fuel consuming ones. Whereas, most EV makers promise the safety of their vehicles, we have witnessed many incidents of an EV vehicle catching fire.

Most EV owners use wrong pratices to charge their vehicles. Because of being unaware of the technicalities, people often do some common mistakes while charging their EVs which leads to fatal incidents sometimes. If you also own an EV and want to enhance the battery life of your and prevent any unwanted incident to take place with your vehicle.

Everytime when we charge EV, its battery health gets affected. But you can significantly enhance the battery health by avoiding the undermentioned mistakes:

Avoid Over Charging

You should not leave your EV charging for long durations, most EV companies recommend to avoid charging their vehicle after they get fully juiced up. Battery gets badly affected when you put your EV for charging overnight. Overcharging can also lead to fatal blasts in your vehicle, so its beneficial for you to avoid this blunder.

Charging After A Complete Discharge

You should never charge your vehicle after getting fully discharged. Battery health gets significantly decreased when it often gets completely discharged. EV makers recommend to recharge the vehicle when it reaches 20 percent battery level.

Don’t Charge Right After Riding The Vehicle

Electric vehicle comes equipped with lithium ion battery which gets heated during power supply. Your should charge your vehicle only when it gets completely cooled down, adopting this practice will significantly enhance the battery health of your vehicle.

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