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Aviation Fuel: How much does it cost and why is it costlier than petrol? All you must know

In terms of fuel, there are two categories. AVGAS is the first, and it's frequently used in tiny aircraft, whereas jet fuel, sometimes known as kerosene, is the second.

Aviation Fuel: Regardless of how big or small, an aeroplane requires fuel to fly. This fuel is called aviation fuel. Kerosene is preferred by the majority of aircraft manufacturers. From this, fuel for powering aeroplanes is prepared. In this article, we will tell you all you must know about this fuel.

Aviation Fuel: All You Must Know

Refining kerosene produces jet fuel. Turbine, turboprop, and jet-powered aircraft all consume jet fuel. Jet A and Jet A1 are the two jet fuel varieties offered.

A lower freezing point is present in jet fuel. Compared to petrol, it is less combustible. Other additives, such as anti-static chemicals, de-icing agents, anti-corrosive agents, and anti-bacterial agents, are also added to the jet fuel to ensure its safety in a variety of weather and atmospheric conditions while in flight.

Price details

In terms of cost, aviation turbine fuel is traded in kilogrammes rather than litres like petrol or diesel. According to sources, Delhi has the highest price for aviation turbine fuel at Rs. 1.12 lakh per kiloliter, with Mumbai following closely at Rs. 1.11 lakh.

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