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Bajaj Auto: new Pulsar models F160, New 220 and 400cc that will set the road on fire

Bajaj Auto: For its upcoming Pulsar models, which will also include the F160, New 220, and 400cc, Bajaj has outlined a detailed strategy. Bajaj, one of the biggest bike manufacturers in the world, is quite familiar with its clientele. It has developed plans that will guarantee growing brand appeal and a strong business case on the basis of extensive market research and decades of experience. Let’s familiarise ourselves with what Bajaj will be doing in the upcoming years.

Pulsar F160

There are currently no plans for the F160, in contrast to the N160, which was built on the N250 and incorporates many of that latter’s design cues. This might be because there isn’t a lot of demand for the F160. The recently released N160 has been hailed as a superb product in terms of design, functionality, and efficiency, hence there is currently no demand for the version with the fairing. Therefore, we can confidently assume that there are no immediate plans to introduce the F160.

Next-Gen Pulsar 220

Bajaj offers Pulsars in the 200 and 250cc classes, thereby making the 220 obsolete. The 220 essentially no longer exists as a result, and there are no plans to revive it. It makes sense considering that performance enthusiasts can choose from 250cc avatars while those seeking for a low-cost product with good mileage can choose from the 160 or 200 variants of the Pulsar. It seems unnecessary to need something in between as a result. Because of this, the name “Pulsar 220” is essentially no longer in use.

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Pulsar 400cc

Now, this is an intriguing niche, and many prospective customers have been eagerly anticipating it. People have been waiting for the production-spec 400cc bike ever since Bajaj debuted it at the Auto Expo a few years back. However, as was already noted, Bajaj continuously assesses market trends and considers its existing customer base, for which there isn’t really a pressing demand for a motorcycle above 250cc in its line-up. Typically, the Pulsar name is linked to cheap, fun-to-ride motorbikes. Consequently, a Pulsar insignia on a 400cc model might not justify the pricey item.

Pulsar NS160 to Continue

There are already devoted fans of the NS160 in several regions of the nation. This applies to a lot of South India, including the Delhi NCR. Therefore, despite the N160’s recent debut, the NS160 family of Pulsars will continue to be produced. The 160.3-cc single cylinder air and oil-cooled engine has a maximum output of 17.2 PS and 14.3 Nm. The 5-speed manual gearbox that this engine is connected to. At both wheels, it has a single-channel disc braking arrangement. The NS160 sports standard telescopic forks up front and an adjustable monoshock suspension system in back.

Classic Bajaj Pulsar Models

Overall, a generational shift is overdue for the standard vintage Bajaj Pulsar models. There are many Pulsar bikes scattered across the parts that haven’t been updated in a while. As a result, Bajaj will concentrate on updating its older array of motorcycles in order to appeal to younger consumers in the 150cc market.

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