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Car Care Tips: 5 tips to maintain your electric car, Do Read

Car Care Tips: An engine or a conventional automatic gearbox is often absent from electric cars. You might think that there would be fewer parts that need to be replaced, maintained, or repaired on a regular basis if these were absent. To maintain your EV in good working order over time, there are a few necessary items you might want to include on your maintenance checklist. Read on to know what you must do to keep your electric car brand new.

Car Care Tips: 5 tips to maintain your electric car

1. Do not overcharge your battery

It is not necessary to charge your battery to 100% unless you plan on driving for a long time. It may seem paradoxical, but regularly charging your electric vehicle’s battery to its maximum capacity may accelerate battery wear. It is best to maintain your battery pack’s charge between 20 and 80 per cent.

2. Keep a check on your brakes

Electricity is produced by the kinetic energy that EV regenerative braking systems use. Your battery pack has extra power thanks to this energy conversion. EVs (and hybrids) with regenerative braking systems do, however, still need traditional friction brakes, which include rotors, pads, drums, shoes, and brake fluid.

On your EV, the traditional friction brakes and the regenerative brakes operate together. Moreover, routine brake inspections must to be a part of your EV’s planned maintenance, just like they are for conventional cars.

3. Coolant

In order to cool down battery packs, coolants are used in most electric vehicles. It is usually necessary to have the cooling system inspected by a specialist.

4. Do not leave your battery undercharged for long periods of time

Don’t let your EV’s battery go low or flat for extended periods of time. By doing this, you can also be affecting the health of your automobile battery and hastening its degeneration. Aim to maintain your battery’s charge at least 20% of the time.

5. Park in shade or in a garage

The performance of your EV’s battery may eventually suffer from heat, and the range of your battery may be reduced by cold. To ensure that your battery pack lasts as long as possible, look for covered parking during severe weather. Additionally, your high-voltage battery pack can include a cooling system of its own that needs periodic upkeep and examination.

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