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Car Care Tips: How to make your old car shine like a new one at home, Do Read

Car Care Tips: Nothing compares to a perfectly cleaned car. it’s a necessary component of car care. It is also possible to easily wash your automobile at home!

Regular car washing will ultimately safeguard your car and maintain its best appearance, as long as you use the correct methods and equipment. Additionally, it can aid in preventing minor dings and damage from showing, preserving the value of your vehicle, and preserving its better appearance for longer. In this article, we will tell you a few ways through which you will be able to make your car shine at home.

Car Care Tips: Make your car shine at home

1. Choose what to use

Check the contents of any substance you intend to use on your car before applying anything. Certain automobile cleaning products aren’t meant for every situation and could harm the paint, coating, or other finishes.

While a newer car might still have a strong, clear coat, an older car might require a regular cleaning schedule using clays, waxes, and polishes to preserve the paint.

2. Wash your car properly

Dust, grime, and muck can be eliminated from your car’s body by giving it a wash. Additionally, this will lessen the likelihood of additional dings in the paint of your car. To get rid of bigger dirt particles, wash the entire automobile, working your way from top to bottom. Don’t forget to wash the car’s body with soapy water from your fresh bucket!

It is recommended to use a hose without a nozzle when rinsing off the soapy water. This kind of hose, known as the sheeting method, will let water softly trickle from the top of the automobile down when it is under low pressure.

3. Wash the wheels

To prevent transferring the dirt and grime onto the paint of your car, wash each tyre separately in a fresh bucket of water. Before cleaning your wheels, get a tyre brush, a microfiber towel, a separate sponge, and a tyre-specific cleaning solution. In the end, the safest option for tyre cleaning products is water-based, non-corrosive wheel cleansers, which are advised for all varieties of automobile wheels.

After that, you can apply the cleaning agent or products of your choice to your wheels. After letting the mixture settle, use a tyre brush to remove any remaining dirt from your tyres. To ensure all of the cleaning solution has been removed from your wheels, give them a final splashdown with cold, clean water.

4. Post Washing

Applying shine and protection to your clean and washed car is the next step.

Using a clay bar, prepare the surface by scraping off any stubborn areas and leftover wax.
Patch up scratches, Apply a thin layer of wax to minor dings and scrapes, or use a solution designed specifically to fix deeper scratches.
Shining your car’s paint to create a high-gloss sheen that will make it seem like a mirror is an optional step that is worth doing.
Apply wax to protect. Wax creates a shield that keeps UV rays out and shields the paint of the car from anything that could corrode it.

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