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Car Care Tips: How to start if your car sits idle for long, Do Read

Car Care Tips: You could have to leave your car for a long time without using it, whether you’re going on a long vacation or temporarily moving to a different place for work. If this fits you, you should be aware of how not driving your car for a month or longer will impact its functionality, particularly its ability to start safely. So, In this article, we will tell you how to start a car that has been sitting for a very long time.

How to start a car that has been sitting for a very long time

Jump-starting an automobile after a long time in storage is the simplest way to get it started. A battery will eventually discharge after prolonged sitting, leaving you unable to start the vehicle. Here is how you can jump-start a vehicle.

  1. Change the gearbox fluid, coolant, and oil in the car.
  2. Ensure the vehicle powered by the live battery is not in operation.
  3. Attach the jumper cable’s red clip to the positive terminal of the dead car’s battery. Either a red cover or the symbol “+” will be present.
  4. The positive end of the live car battery should be connected to the opposite red clamp.
  5. Attach the black clamp to the battery’s negative terminal on the running automobile. Either a black cover or the symbol “-” will be present.
  6. Attach the other black clamp to an unpainted, grounded metal surface or portion of the dead car, like the frame, if it has a dead battery.
  7. Turn on the vehicle using a live battery.
  8. This will begin to recharge the dead battery, so leave it running for a few minutes.
  9. Get the car with the dead battery started.
  10. Continue to drive the other car for a few more minutes, and try again if the engine still won’t start.

Other things to check in a sitting car

  • Inspect Engine Oil
  • Watch other signs of leaks
  • Check the Battery
  • Replacing the fuel
  • Check Tyres

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