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Car Care Tips: Planning to convert your car to CNG or EV? Keep these points in mind before you do

Car Care Tips: The topic of fewer vehicles on the road has once again begun to gain traction as winter approaches and the air quality worsens in many major cities throughout the nation, including Delhi. The National Capital Region (NCR) banned all BS 3 and BS 4 cars in November 2023, with the exception of compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric vehicles (EVs). This decision was a setback for the owners and automakers of these vehicles. When faced with a situation like this, individuals unable to purchase a new car search for ways to convert their present car, such as installing an external CNG or EV kit. But before you make a move, Do keep in mind the following tip, as it can save you from a major financial crunch.

Points to keep in mind while converting your car to EV or CNG

1. Inform the car’s insurance provider

When considering an electric vehicle conversion, keep in mind that doing so can have an impact on your insurance coverage, as no car can be driven legally on public roads without a current insurance policy. Though they acknowledge that modified vehicles and two-wheelers can be insured, insurance firms insist that any modifications to the vehicle must be disclosed to them in order for the insurance to apply.

2. Any claim can be rejected

If the vehicle’s fuel type is changed during the policy year, there won’t be any issues. If the condition of the new car changes, the insurance company could revise your coverage. However, due to numerous technical changes brought about by a change in the vehicle’s or motorcycle’s power source, notification of the insurance provider is required.

However, if an insured person has an accident without notifying the insurance company, the insurer may refuse the claim.

3. Settlement issues

The cost of auto insurance is determined by a number of factors, including the kind of fuel and the vehicle’s insured declared value (IDV). The kinds of hazards that an automobile’s insurance covers vary depending on the modifications made to it from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) model. Issues with the claim settlement procedure could arise if the insurance company is not informed of this change in the vehicle.

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