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Electric Two Wheeler vs Petrol Two Wheeler: Which one can be better for you, Read before you get your next

Electric Two Wheeler vs Petrol Two Wheeler: People may be confused about whether to get an electric bike or a petrol bike because the electric age is blooming in India and several major EV manufacturers are introducing their all-electric bikes in India.
When choosing whether to purchase an electric or fuel-powered bike, there are a number of things to consider. Research is essential because every type of vehicle has unique advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will compare both of these powertrains for you so that you can decide which one is better for you.

Electric Two Wheeler vs Petrol Two Wheeler

Fuel Expense

The cost factor also includes fuel costs and effectiveness. Depending on the capacity of the engine, fuel bikes provide different levels of fuel efficiency. Between 40 and 100 kilometres may be covered by these bikes on a single litre of petrol Higher-capacity engines inevitably result in higher operating costs.

Conversely, electric bikes run without the need for petrol or diesel. Rather, they use electricity to propel the vehicle. Based on estimates, riding an electric bike may cover a comparable distance for only 15% of the price of a petrol bike. Over time, these significant cost savings might make electric bikes a wise financial decision.


The total cost of ownership and the enjoyment of riding a bike can be greatly impacted by the continuous maintenance requirements of the equipment. Because of their intricate mechanical parts, fuel motorcycles require a high level of maintenance on a regular basis. These bikes typically require servicing every three to six months. Ignoring maintenance can result in decreased functionality and possible malfunctions, posing a risk to safety and causing discomfort.

In contrast, electric motorbikes have a lot fewer mechanical parts, which means that they require a lot less maintenance. The major components of normal maintenance are routine cleaning and battery charging, which can save long-term expenditures and simplify ownership.

Environmental impact

CO2 gas produced by petrol-powered bikes pollutes the environment. Nevertheless, electric bikes do not harm the environment because they are battery-powered. Among the most significant distinctions between gasoline-powered and electric motorcycles is this.

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