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Honda Activa 7G: A best selling scooter that has everything going for it – price, features, power and more, details here

Honda Activa 7G: One of India’s top-selling two-wheeled scooters at the moment is the Honda Activa, a well-known brand there. The new scooter Honda Activa 7G, which will be sold in India soon, was recently teased by the Japanese automaker. Here are all the details about the upcoming 2022 Honda Activa 7G Scooter in Country that you need to know.

An forthcoming scooter that is set to challenge the market is the Honda Activa 7G. It differs from the competition in a number of ways, notably with its distinctive design and broad selection. The Honda Activa 7G is a fantastic option if you’re searching for a scooter that is simple to use and enjoyable to ride. The Honda Activa is the most often chosen model of gearless scooter in India. There have been six models of the Activa scooter since it was initially released in India, so it has been around for a while.


It is anticipated that the Honda Activa 7G will include a fully digital instrument panel. In contrast to other scooters that offer a fully digital instrument console, the Activa 6G now has an analogue instrument console, which seems out of date. The seventh generation Honda Activa will also have Bluetooth connectivity.

With the introduction of the new Activa 7G, Honda is anticipated to provide a number of cutting-edge innovations, such as all LED lighting. We wouldn’t be shocked if the Activa 7G included built-in GPS monitoring and cell networking. The Honda Activa also has a multi-purpose key console, an exterior fuel filler cap, an electric start, and a combination brake system.


The Honda scooter has always had a clean, sophisticated look that is also quite practical for everyday use. It is anticipated that the Activa 7G would maintain the same design aesthetic as its predecessor. The riding position will be suitable for travelling over long distances as well as in cities. As with the Honda Activa 6G, the gasoline cover will be attached outside, preventing the need for the rider to get off the scooter.


The only manufacturer who offers hybrid engine technology in scooters is Yamaha. Hybrid technology, which incorporates an idle start-stop and Smart Motor Generator system to increase fuel efficiency, is available for the Yamaha Fascino 125 and Ray ZR 125. A comparable hybrid engine is anticipated from Honda for the 7G. The Activa 6G currently has a 110cc engine that produces 7.68bhp and 8.84Nm of torque.

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Storage capacity

The 18-litre under-seat storage in the Activa is plenty. The Suzuki Access and Yamaha Fascino, two competing scooters, have storage capacities of 21.8 and 21 litres, respectively. Honda is anticipated to increase the Activa 7G’s under-seat storage area and make it bigger than that of the rivals. We also anticipate that the fuel capacity of the scooter will increase as it becomes bigger.

Much bigger tyers

A 12-inch tubeless front tyre and a 10-inch tubeless rear tyre are mounted on the Scooter 6G. The Activa 7G is anticipated to include larger tyres from Honda, which will enhance the scooter’s ride and handling.


The Honda Activa 7G scooter is ideal for anyone looking for a simple and enjoyable mode of transportation. It boasts a chic look that’s ideal for city dwellers and commuters, and it’s basic controls make it straightforward to use. Additionally, you can take the Honda Activa 7G anyplace you want to go without worrying about accidents because it is steady and durable. Try out this scooter right away to find out for yourself why it’s one of the best available! Around Rs. 79,000 is the estimated price of the Honda Activa 7G. The cost of the Activa 7G for on-road use is not yet known.

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