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Honda diesel cars: Here’s the reason why Honda plans to stop making diesel vehicles in India

Honda diesel cars: With the Amaze sub-compact sedan, Honda entered the diesel vehicle market in 2013. The company’s new 1.5-liter diesel engine has over the years powered a variety of Honda vehicles and continues to serve its purpose in the fifth-generation City, Amaze, and WR-V. Honda may soon stop selling diesel vehicles in India, according to recent media reports. We have provided what the business has to say about this issue in this article.

Takuya Tsumura, the CEO of Honda Cars India, recently stated to the Times of India, “We are presently not worrying too much about diesel. Therefore, we won’t use diesel. Right now, using diesel to clear RDE is exceedingly challenging. When that regulation was implemented, the majority of the brands could not continue using diesel even in Europe. Similar events are taking place throughout India.

Real Driving Emissions

In April 2023, the RDE (Real Driving Emissions) standards will go into force. Cars will have to meet emission goals in actual driving situations rather than only in a lab setting. Vehicles must come equipped as standard with the on-board self-diagnostic OBD2 device for this. This will make it far more difficult for automakers to comply with emission standards, especially for diesel vehicles.

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In a formal statement, Honda Cars India stated, “Among the various powertrains in our whole lineup, gasoline has a commanding share of more than 90% and diesel share has been declining. We will continue to sell the diesel versions for a while. The scenario will change, though, and it is anticipated that the diesel proportion would decline even further after RDE adoption. As a result, we are presently deciding which powertrain to emphasise more in the future.

New portfolio

The fourth and fifth generation City, together with the City e:HEV, Amaze, WR-V, and Jazz, are all currently available in India. The Honda City e:HEV hybrid car, which was introduced in India at the beginning of the year, is advertised as having a 26.50 km/l fuel efficiency. According to media sources, Honda will stop making the Jazz, WR-V, and fourth-generation City by March 2023 and introduce a brand-new mid-size SUV the following year.

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