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Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle: Will this bike with amazing features change the dynamics in the industry? Launch date and specs here

Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle: The Indian electric 2W market is crowded with items from both newcomers and established producers like Bajaj and TVS. Even Honda is anticipated to show up in 2023 with an almost certainly electric Activa. How about electric motorcycles, though? Even in 2022, that area will be comparatively underexplored.

We sort of grasp it. Electric motorcycles are not considered to be gender-neutral and lack the utility of scooters. Nevertheless, businesses like Revolt, Ultraviolette, and Oben have aimed to take a chance in one of the world’s biggest marketplaces for 2-wheelers. Hop OXO, a challenger who is poised to “Change The Game,” will, however, be seen shortly.

On September 5, the Jaipur-based Hop Electric company will unveil OXO with the intention of redefining daily riding. It will face limited competition in that area. Hop, an electric bicycle that has been tested for a year, is now formally known as OXO. After extensive field testing, the company intends to put it up for sale.

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Hop OXO Electric Motorcycle: Specifications

Lyf and Leo are Hop’s current two electric scooters. They both have respectable specifications, and OXO is probably no different. With these specifications, both the Lyf and Leo electric scooters can travel 120 kilometres on a single charge. Leo has 2,500W power and a top speed of 60 km/h compared to Lyf’s 2,000W power and 50 km/h.

OXO is probably getting dual batteries as well, with a top speed of 80 to 90 km/h. With a dual battery option, we may also anticipate a single charge to cover about 100 kilometres of range. OXO is equipped with dual rear shock absorbers and telescopic front suspension. Both ends include disc brakes. Additionally, Hop is spending money on battery swapping stations, which allow batteries to be changed in about 20 seconds. OXO will be given further information at its premiere on September 5.

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