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Mahindra Thar: The 5-door Thar to upgrade its rear suspension giving the SUV a new feel, details here

Mahindra Thar: The five-door Thar won’t be publicly unveiled by Mahindra any time soon. With each appearance of the masked test mule, though, we learn a little bit more about the impending off-road vehicle, and the most recent sighting provides us a look of the lengthier Thar’s rear suspension, which appears to be the same penta-link configuration as the Scorpio N.

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Over its predecessor, the Scorpio N has several mechanical improvements. R Velusamy, Head of Automotive Product Development at Mahindra, has already stated that the Scorpio N’s stronger chassis will serve as the foundation for the five-door Thar.

Now that the test mule’s anti-roll bar is in the same location as the Scorpio N and not the three-door Thar, our concerns regarding the two SUVs sharing the same penta-link rear suspension configuration have been dispelled.


The ride and handling of the most recent Scorpio model have seen one of the major upgrades. The Scorpio N feels surprisingly planted for a boxy SUV of its size thanks to the revised suspension, which has improved rear end stability at highway speeds and around turns. The extended five-door Thar should benefit from this revised rear suspension in the same way because of how much boxier its design is.

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The modern three-door Thar has some performance problems on highways and at high speeds despite its tiny and upright dimensions. But those trade-offs are accepted because the vehicle is designed primarily for off-road use.

The five-door Thar will be used more frequently as a conventional family SUV than just an off-road vehicle, and Mahindra has made modifications to the vehicle to reflect this. It should therefore provide a unique experience rather than merely feeling like a longer Thar with more doors and seats.

Prior sightings of the five-door Thar test mules also showed a third row of seats, confirming Mahindra’s intention to sell it with several seating arrangements.

The same engines and transmissions as the normal Thar are anticipated for the five-door Thar, albeit they may have a different output. The 2-liter turbo-petrol engine makes 150PS with three doors, and the diesel engine makes 130PS. Additionally, the more practical Thar could also get the option of 2WD variants unlike the current Thar which gets 4WD as standard.

In 2023, Mahindra intends to introduce the new, longer Thar. The three-door variant, which made its debut in the second half of 2020, set a trend for future auto shows, so it is unlikely that this model will do the same.


The five-door Thar is anticipated to cost about a lakh rupees more than the existing Thar, and the added amenities may push the top variant’s price closer to the Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom) threshold. It will compete with the future five-door Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Force Gurkha models.

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