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Mid Size SUV Sales: The SUV market is on a ride in India, July 2022 sales figures reveal the craze

Mid Size SUV Sales: The Indian market has adopted the SUV segment as a big favourite. The Sales of mid-size SUVs increased by 42.44 percent year over year to 17,197 units in July 2022. The total 12,073 units were sold in this last month.

SUV’s sale increased by 5.74 percent

The mid-size SUVs provide the Indian consumer with a variety of options because they are available with 5, 6, and 7 seats as well as with petrol and diesel engines. In the upcoming months, a number of SUVs in this segment will get facelifts . In July 2021, MoM sales from the 16,263 units sold in June 2022 increased by 5.74 percent as well.

Mid-Size SUVs with the Best Sales in July 2022

With sales of 6,277 units and a 36.50 percent market share in July 2022, Mahindra XUV700 topped the sales charts. Additionally, there was an increase of 4.23 percent MoM over the 6,022 units sold in June 2022, when the share percentage was 37.03. The Mahindra XUV700 has been a success since its September 2021 launch. It has long crossed the 1 lakh unit mark in terms of sales while monthly bookings average at around 10,000 units.

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In July 2022, the Tata Harrier, a five-seater SUV with a price range of Rs 14.69 to Rs 22.05 lakh, was the second-best-selling mid-size SUV in India. Sales last month totaled 3,254 units, a 22.06 percent increase over the 2,666 units sold in July 2021. From 3,015 units sold in June 2022, MoM sales increased by 7.93%. Recently, Tata Motors introduced the Harrier Jet Edition.

Jeep Compass, Tata Safari, and MG Hector

The MG Hector, Tata Safari, and Jeep Compass followed as the best-selling mid-size SUVs, each of which had YoY and MoM de-growth. Sales of the MG Hector decreased from 3,565 units sold in June 2021 to 1,988 units, a 44.24 percent YoY decline. Additionally, MoM sales decreased 17.24% from 2,402 units sold in June 2022.

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The MG Hector for 2022 has also been hinted at. It was released in 2019 and received its first update in 2021, while the new-generation model might debut in October. In July 2022, sales of the Tata Safari decreased by 3.29 percent YoY and 5.78 percent MoM to 1,761 units.

Jeep Compass sales decreased by 21.89 % in July 2022

In July 2021 and June 2022, the company sold 1,821 and 1,869 units, respectively. On a YoY basis, Jeep Compass sales decreased by 21.89 percent to 710 units in July 2022 from 909 units sold in July 2021. Compared to the 892 units sold in June 2022, MoM sales decreased by 20.40 percent. Additionally, the percentage of shares decreased from 5.48 percent in June 2022 to 4.13 percent over the past month.

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