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New TVS Apache: The best in its category launched, know the price, features and other details of Apache 160 and 180

New TVS Apache: Motorcycles in the Apache series from TVS Motor have a devoted following. You might even claim that it has a cult following. The Apache series competes directly with the Pulsar series in terms of attractiveness. The 150cc to 200cc sector experiences a growth in 2022, and premium motorcycles account for 1,51,270 units of the total motorcycle sales in FY 2021–2022.

In terms of sales figures, the 4V line of Apache devices, such as Apache RTR 160 4V and Apache RTR 200 4V, are more prevalent today. While the corporation showed less interest in 2V range products like the Apache RTR 160 and Apache RTR 180. Before now. TVS is aware that these motorcycles have historically carried the Apache series.

The 2V series lacked features and was typically less inspiring when compared to the 4V range. TVS has primarily worked in that area. The recently released Apache RTR 160 and Apache RTR 180 offer improved all-around appeal. Let’s look at it.

New TVS Apache: New and advanced

We can see right once that the company has increased the power and simultaneously decreased the weight of its 2V motorcycle range. Both parties benefit from this. With Apache RTR 160 and Apache RTR 180, the total weight decrease is 2 kg and 1 kg, respectively. These two vehicles now have stronger power-to-weight ratios than they did previously.

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Previously, the Apache RTR 160 weighed 139 kg, produced 15.31 horsepower, and 13.9 Nm of torque. It now weighs 2 kg lighter and produces 16 horsepower and 13.85 Nm. The Apache RTR 180 was a 141 kg vehicle that produced 16.56 horsepower and 15.5 Nm of torque. Now, with a 1kg weight reduction, it produces 17 horsepower and 15.5 Nm.

Impressively, these weight reductions were achieved despite the addition of new features. The fact that riding modes are now available for 160 and 180 as well as 200 4V is also impressive. There are three of these modes: Rain Mode, which offers the least performance and the most ABS intervention, Urban Mode, which is in the centre, and Sport Mode, which fully opens the tap. Other improvements include a new fuel injection system, slipper clutch, and dual-channel ABS.

New TVS Apache: Features and Price

When it comes to features, TVS Motor has stuffed them both to the gills. A total of 28 feature additions, according to TVS. They include the in-house SmartXonnect system from TVS, which has Bluetooth connectivity and offers turn-by-turn navigation, race telemetry, call and SMS notification, gear position and shift indicators, lap counters, adjustable brightness, and crash alarm systems.

Not just this, but also a sophisticated chain drive with little power loss and bigger 120-section Remora tyres in the back. The front alone sees significant design modifications, including a new LED face with a distinctive LED DRL pattern. It appears far better than the 2021 MY 4V range, whose face resembled the Moj app’s emoji. I’ve said it there. The redesigned rear taillight has 3D LED components.

The colours Matt Blue, Racing Red, Gloss Black, T Grey, and Pearl White are available for both of these cars. The Apache RTR 160 with rear drum brakes is priced at Rs. 1,17,790, and the Apache RTR 180 is priced at Rs. 1,30,590. With 160, SmartXonnect and the rear disc are options, but they are included with 180. Both have typical riding modes.

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