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Nothing Phone (1): The inside story of this smartphone revealed, watch video

Nothing Phone (1): The Nothing Phone (1) is disassembled on JerryRigEverything’s YouTube channel after passing the scratch, bend, and burn test.

The Nothing Phone (1) is a special gadget since it has an entire assembly devoted to the design of the gadget. There are thousands of small, individual LED lights that make up the Glyph grid. We are finally able to see how the Nothing Phone 1 is put together after removing the adhesive from around the outer glass.

The Nothing Phone 1’s back is constructed entirely of plastic panels, which are used to cover the entire back of the gadget. We can finally view the inside of the phone after removing several of these panels (some of which were held in place solely by glue), the diffuser stickers from the Glyph lamps, and the screws holding in the remaining components.

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The YouTube host applauds the usage of sticky pull-tabs since they make changing out a worn battery simple. Although the device’s disassembly requires removing the glue from the rear panel and disassembling the Glyph assembly, individual parts like LED lighting, buttons, and connectors seem to be removable.


  • 6.55in Full HD+ flexible OLED display
  • Adaptive 120Hz refresh rate
  • Evenly-sized bezel on all sides
  • Low optical in-display fingerprint sensor

Nothing has graced the Phone 1 with a 6.55-inch Full HD+ OLED panel, boasting a 120Hz high refresh rate, along with HDR10+ compatibility and 10-bit color support.

The screen is surrounded by a not-insignificant bezel, but it claws back some aesthetic points by sporting a consistent thickness all the way around (something that’s not always a given and not easy to achieve from an engineering standpoint), made possible by Nothing’s decision to use a flexible OLED in place of a less expensive rigid panel. 

The phone’s punch-hole front-facing camera sits in the top-left corner of the screen, while an optical in-display fingerprint sensor sits low and close to the bottom edge of the panel.

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