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Petrol vs Diesel vs CNG Cars: Which one should you go for?

Before purchasing a new car, people have a million questions in their heads. People choose a car manufacturer, brand, size, variant, and so on based on their budget. But, after examining everything, the issue becomes stuck at one point - the car's mileage. The mileage of any vehicle is determined by the type of fuel used.

Petrol vs Diesel vs CNG Cars: The majority of people desire to have an automobile. Apart from the model, brand, and price, the most crucial question that arises when purchasing a car is whether it should be diesel, petrol, or CNG. However, each form of fuel has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will tell you how these powertrain options are different from each other.

Petrol vs Diesel vs CNG Cars

In the country, three types of fuel are primarily used in cars. These are petrol, diesel and compressed natural gas. They each have their own set of perks and disadvantages, and you must keep them in mind while purchasing a car for yourself so that it does not place too much strain on your wallet. It also depends on how frequently you drive. So you can select a better option.

Price of the fuel

When it comes to fuel prices in the country, petrol is now the most expensive, followed by diesel, and then CNG.


In petrol-powered cars, there is very little noise and vibration in the cabin. This issue is seen in diesel automobiles. CNG automobiles are just as comfortable as petrol vehicles.

Running Cost

CNG vehicles are also a suitable option, as the running costs of petrol and diesel vehicles are slightly higher.

Engine Life

Diesel automobiles have a longer lifespan than petrol and CNG vehicles.

Boot Space

Petrol and diesel cars have more boot space, whilst CNG vehicles have much less because of the CNG tank placed in there.

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