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Pollution Control: What are greener alternatives to Petrol and diesel? A lowdown to combat rising AQI levels

Pollution Control: The start of the pollution season, which has turned into an annual disaster for India’s capital, saw poor air quality levels and a heavy, deadly haze cover the city on Friday.

As Delhi’s air quality index nearly reached 500, the maximum reading possible and 100 times the level the World Health Organisation considers healthy, schools were closed and non-essential construction was prohibited.

Why is pollution on the rise in Delhi?

Scientists are warning about the possibility of increased pollution in the Delhi-NCR region during the next two weeks due to an increase in farm fires and unfavourable weather patterns. The fact that several locations’ air quality indexes have already been above 400 raises concerns about this situation in particular. Not only that but even after putting in strict regulations on cars they have played a significant role in the increase in the pollution.

Especially in children and the elderly, health professionals are concerned about the possible rise in respiratory conditions and asthma.

Greener alternatives to diesel and petrol

Currently in production or in research are over a dozen alternative fuels intended for use in advanced technology cars and alternative fuel vehicles. These greener alternatives are:

  • CNG
  • Compressed Bio-Gas
  • Autogas (LPG)
  • Ethanol-blended petrol
  • Biodiesel
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Electricity

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