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Royal Enfield Electric motorcycle: A Neo-Retro cruiser motorcycle with electric engine is about to take over the market

Royal Enfield Electric motorcycle: Right now, Royal Enfield is blazing. Actually, no, but you know. The Chennai-based manufacturer, which adheres to the “four motorcycles a year” policy, has introduced the Scram 411, a new Classic 350, and the most recent Hunter 350. We have yet to witness another launch from Royal Enfield by the end of this year.

However, EVs are rapidly gaining popularity everywhere, including in India, as a result of climate change and rising fuel prices. By 2035, Europe believes it can achieve carbon neutrality. Other areas, such as the Indian EV market, are working toward electrification in light of the old continent’s ambitious vision. Manufacturers of both cars and motorcycles have committed to an EV future.

Royal Enfield Electric Motorcycle

What about Royal Enfield, though? How is this established brand preparing for the EV future? It will unavoidably occur sooner or later. At the Hunter 350 introduction ceremony, Siddhartha Lal, CEO of Eicher Motors, dropped a few indications about the potential EV models that Royal Enfield may produce in the future. There were discussions about Royal Enfield EVs at the Hunter 350 launch. The first Royal Enfield electric car will be unveiled in three to four years, according to Sid Lal. It is hardly a precise timeline, after all. However, it is now clear that Royal Enfield is developing an EV or at the very least has a strategy in mind.

However, four years of preparation and waiting is a long time. You might also be thinking how challenging it might be to import batteries from China, replace the engine on a current Royal Enfield base, and call it a day. Right? EV fire threats occur when speed is valued more highly than quality, as we have seen. This is not how Royal Enfield produces their products. The British company places a high value on consistency, strong engineering, and dependability. If we look at the recently released Hunter 350, we can see that its development began in 2016, which was six years ago. Okay, there were delays caused by COVID-19. However, we can still state that the debut of the Hunter 350 took about four years.

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What To Expect?

Royal Enfield is currently working on a number of different initiatives, but nothing is complete yet, according to Sid Lal. It will cost a lot of money to create an EV with performance comparable to their 350cc or 650cc platforms. Because batteries may produce 20 to 30 horsepower, they have a lot of energy. Therefore, battery technology needs to be greatly improved. In addition, India should begin domestic battery production to lower battery costs.

Royal Enfield won’t rush things and will take its sweet, sweet time to release an EV that will live up to expectations. Be it range, performance, or appearance. We may anticipate the next electric vehicles from Royal Enfield to have a range of approximately 100 to 150 kilometres on a single charge and performance comparable to their 350cc lineup. But regrettably, we have to wait years to acquire one.

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