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Want To Install EV Charger At Home? Here Is The Step-By-Step Guide

Here, we have informed you about how you can install an EV charger at your home. Check more details in the full story.

EV Charger At Home: In India, EV market is a rapidly growing industry. EV Vehicles are seen as the future of automobile industry. Electric vehicle also help to lead a sustainable life by not emitting harmful gases. If you want to buy an electric vehicle rather than choosing fossil fuel consuming one, you need to read this article. If you wish to install an EV charger at home, a level 2 charger is more than enough for a single family. A level 2 charger takes less space and provides you an impressive charging speed. See the gude below to know how you can install an EV charger at your home.

Find The Suitable Area

The EV charger should be installed in a space that this convenient to access for your electric vehicle. You can install the charger at a place where you most often park your car. If you are not able to find an appropriate space, you can also hire an expert for the same.

Take Permissions

Your need to make sure that your area’s elctricity system is suitable for an EV charger. If it is not suitable for EV charging, you need to take required permissions from the local electricity board. The local electricity board will update you consumption alloacation.

Find Space For Other Components

Next, you need to have a find out a space for additional components that comes with EV charging system. One of the most important component is the circuit braker that is installed in the house’s main electricity panel. So, before installation having space for all the components is necessary of all.

Install the EV Charger

After purchasing a branded Level 2 charger, you can now install it at your home . You will be need to hire an elctrician for the installation. You should always check the technical safety of the EV charger with the appropriate equipements.

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