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Was there ever a Diesel Bike in India? Check out

Diesel Bike: Modern motorcycles fueled by diesel are nonexistent, in contrast to the vehicle market. Motorcycle OEMs almost ignore the technology, even while automakers like Mercedes, Kia, and Ford offer affordable diesel alternatives. However, from the late 1980s through the early 1990s, the Royal Enfield Taurus, also known as Bullet Diesel, became quite popular in the Indian motorcycle market.

Royal Enfield Diesel Bike details

The Taurus received its round headlamp, metal fenders, teardrop gas tank and bench seat from the Bullet, which was built on the brand’s legendary chassis. The Taurus had a 325cc diesel engine paired with a four-speed gearbox, though, instead of a single petrol engine. Its power output demonstrated that the engine was the smallest capacity engine ever offered by Royal Enfield. The Taurus wasn’t exactly a charging bull; with only 6.5 horsepower and 11 lb-ft of torque, it could only reach a top speed of 64 kmph.

But the mellow diesel engine managed to get 85 km/l. The Taurus engine not only had exceptional fuel efficiency but also lowered maintenance expenses. In order to make it easier for customers to work on, Royal Enfield did away with the turbo and intercooler unit found on traditional diesel mills. In addition to simplifying production, the vehicle benefited from the time’s low diesel prices.

Why was it discontinued?

Due to the engine’s high compression ratio, users reported experiencing severe vibrations that affected their wrists and shoulders. The Taurus’s single exhaust produced heavy, black smoke, just like the majority of older diesel engines. By 2000, the Taurus’s output was unable to meet India’s ever-tougher regulations, despite its unrivalled mileage. As a result, Royal Enfield stopped producing the model, ending the production of one of the few diesel bikes ever.

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