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Yamaha Motor India: The company increases prices for these models, all you need to know

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Yamaha Motor India raised the cost of its motorcycles, in October. However, not all models experienced the price increase because Yamaha exempted some models from the price increase when the two-wheeler maker raised the pricing of its bikes and scooters a month ago.

No increase in cost

Yamaha Motor India claims that there have been no changes to the cost of motorcycles including the Yamaha FZ-Fi, FZS-Fi, FZS-Fi Deluxe, R15S, R15 V4 Mettalic Red, R15 V4 Dark Knight, R15 V4 Racing Blue, and R15M MotoGP Edition.

Increase of 500-1000

On the other hand, models like the Yamaha FZ-X, FZ 25, FZS 25, R15M V4 Mettalic Grey, and R15M WGP 60th Edition would have a price increase of Rs 1,000. Additionally, there is a price increase of Rs 500 for motorcycles such the Yamaha MT15 Black, MT15 Ice Fluo, MT15 Cyan, and MT15 Blue.

Some new prices

The Yamaha FZ-X motorcycle has a new price of Rs. 1,33,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi), while the Yamaha FZ 25 series now has a starting price of Rs. 1,47,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi), and the Yamaha FZS 25 has a new price of Rs. 1,52,00. (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Other price hikes

With that stated, the Yamaha MT 15 range has seen the smallest price increase of Rs 500, and the Black colour option of the Yamaha MT 15 range is priced at Rs 1,63,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi). However, the Yamaha MT 15 Ice Fluo, Cyan, and Blue is priced at Rs 1,64,900. (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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Price hike only for one variant

Concerning the Yamaha R15 line of motorcycles, only two variations have seen price increases. The Yamaha R15 V4 Metallic Grey now costs Rs 1,89,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi) as a result of the price increase, while the Yamaha R15M WGP 60th Edition costs Rs 1,91,300. (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The regular Yamaha FZ line, which includes the Yamaha FZ-Fi, FZS-Fi, and FZS-Fi Deluxe motorcycles, have been excluded from price increases and its starting price is Rs. 1,13,700. (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Price hike of scooters

The Yamaha Fascino Hybrid scooter “Drum” edition, finished in Red, Yellow, Cyan, and Black, is priced at Rs 76,100 (ex-showroom, Delhi), on the other hand. On the other side, the most expensive Yamaha Fascino Hybrid model, the “Disc SE,” costs Rs 87,030. (ex-showroom, Delhi).

The Yamaha Aerox maxi-pricing scooter’s ranges from Rs. 1,39,300 (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the base model to Rs. 1,41,300 (ex-showroom, Delhi) for the MotoGP Edition.

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