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Apple iPhone 14: All you need to know about this smart phone

Apple iPhone 14: Apple released yet another iPhone in September 2022 that is loaded with the newest technology. Something tells us that this time around, we won’t have to put up with any kidney jokes or memes. The iPhone14 is priced similarly to the iPhone 13, however it is still far from being affordable. Along with the most recent iOS 16, there are numerous updates for the phones. The iPhone can now determine if you’ve been in a crash and notify your emergency contacts and services. This new crash detection feature is what caught our attention.

Apple iPhone 14 features: The third eye

Apple claims that the new iPhone 14 series can correctly detect crashes using a variety of criteria. The new G-force accelerometer, which can detect any abrupt change in velocity up to 256G, comes first. This may detect any abrupt change in speed or direction when combined with a gyroscope. By observing the sound levels, the phone can also determine if you’ve been in a crash. Extreme sound levels will be recorded by the device, however processing will take place on the phone itself out of respect for user privacy.

These are fundamental methods for analysing crashes, and they can also be applied incorrectly to high-intensity activities, such as, say, a roller coaster ride. However, Apple has also added a barometer that can detect changes in cabin pressure brought on by airbag deployment. The algorithms from real-world laboratory tests that simulate head-on, rear-end, side-impact, and roll-over collisions help the phone accurately determine a crash. All these parameters work together to do this. Apple is also leveraging open crash data to improve accuracy as an extra step to further optimise this procedure.

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New Series 8 Apple Watch has the crash detection capability as well.

In the meantime, Apple has improved the CarPlay interface on iOS, further elevating the in-car entertainment system. The new OS will include a number of other auto functions in addition to being an infotainment system. The new CarPlay will also utilise additional screens in the car, including the instrument cluster, so it won’t be restricted to just the infotainment system. The new CarPlay is anticipated to make its debut in 2023, and the first list of vehicles with the technology will be released soon.

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