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Apple iPhone 14 Pro: 5 special things you need to know before buying your favourite phone

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: The release of the iPhone 14 series is almost approaching. Apple has recently announced its “far out” event, during which it is anticipated to introduce new iPhone models along with a few other hardware items. Live pictures and videos of the purported iPhone 14 Pro have surfaced online ahead of the official unveiling. Both the front and rear of the iPhone 14 Pro have been shown in the photographs and videos.

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The iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro are the names of the two iPhone Pro versions that will be released this year. And the Pro models’ designs will be the same as they are every year. Just that, the Pro Max will continue to provide a larger screen. If we consider rumours, there are going to be two iPhones this year with a big 6.7-inch screen. These models include the iPhone 14 Pro Max, of course, and also the iPhone 14 Max.

That’s accurate. The iPhone 14 Max is one of the four versions that Apple is anticipated to release this year. According to reports, the business is going to discontinue the tiny model this year since, over time, it affected sales of the iPhone SE series, which is primarily marketed to customers shopping for iPhones at lower price points.

Reverting to the iPhone 14 Pro now. Several elements about the purported iPhone 14 Pro have been exposed via the leaked pictures and videos. Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro will have a somewhat different look from the iPhone 13 Pro.

Let’s examine the iPhone 14 Pro’s design in more detail.

  1. The forthcoming iPhone 14 Pro series will feature a redesigned notch design, according to the stolen pictures and videos. It demonstrates how the Apple iPhone 14 Pro has a pill-shaped notch in place of the iPhone 13 Pro’s large notch. The LED flash is located right close to the centre notch, which appears to be slightly wider. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, on the other hand, are rumoured to feature a large notch similar to the iPhone 13 series.
  2. The earpiece is visible in the video just below the notch, and the bezels appear much thinner. Dual front cameras are visible in the pill-shaped notch. Apple hasn’t yet made the camera specifications public.
  3. The iPhone 14 Pro is depicted in the leaked films as being purple. It appears quite elegant. Like every year, we anticipate Apple to introduce a few additional colour variations. The colour possibilities have not yet been made public.
  4. The rear panel design is eerily similar to that of the Apple iPhone 13 Pro. Therefore, that part hasn’t changed this time. Three cameras are housed inside a square-shaped module on the back panel. The iPhone 13 Pro is anticipated to include bigger sensors for better low-light shots in terms of camera specifications. The iPhone 14 Pro versions, according to certain rumours, will have a 48-megapixel primary camera. The “far out” invitation also makes a suggestion that the future iPhones will be able to take moon photos more effectively, which iPhones have typically lacked.
  5. The rest of the iPhone 14 Pro resembles the iPhone 13 Pro, with the exception of the new notch design. The iPhone 14 Pro is reported to be a significantly improved version of its predecessor, despite the design maybe not showing much of a difference. A16 Bionic chip, iOS 16 out of the box, increased battery life, and improved camera performance are all expected to be included.

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