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Maruti Suzuki: Patent for Poolkar, Smart Charge and Charge Hub Secured, What it Means

Names registered by Maruti Suzuki: Maruti Poolkar, Smart Charge, Charge Hub

Maruti Suzuki secures patents for Maruti Poolkar, Smart Charge and Charge Hub, Details

Maruti Suzuki: With the filing of patents for terms like “Poolkar,” “Charge Hub,” and “Smart Charge,” Maruti Suzuki has made it clear that it intends to introduce new cars and services. Speculations regarding the company’s future products, particularly in the electric vehicle (EV) market, have been aroused by the filing. Maruti Suzuki is preparing to launch the eVX concept, which was on display at the Auto Expo 2023, as their first-ever all-electric vehicle. The company’s electric vehicle (EV) plan is thought to be connected to the patent applications for names like “Charge Hub” and “Smart Charge.”

Maruti Suzuki secures a few patents

A possible entry into the carpool services market is indicated by the registration of the word mark “Maruti Suzuki Poolkar.” Working with a technology partner, Maruti hopes to harness the reputation of its brand to offer dependable and effective carpool services that instill confidence in users.

Charging Infrastructure

Maruti Suzuki has registered two additional names, Maruti Suzuki Smart Charge and Maruti Suzuki Charge Hub, in keeping with the expanding EV market. Charge Hub may have several charging stations at one area, while Smart Charge may only have lone charging stations. Retail stores, parking lots by the side of the road, shopping centres, workplaces, and other public locations might all use these charging stations properly positioned.

Customers might be able to select between hourly or subscription payment options. It is unclear if the charging stations would only serve Maruti EVs or if they will also serve other electric cars, much as Hyundai’s recently established network of charging stations in India.

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