Mercedes G Wagon Goes Electric, Will 587 BHP and 470 Km Range Make it the King?

The electric variant of Mercedes-Benz’s renowned G-Class SUV, the G 580 EQ Technology, has been revealed. With a strong electric drivetrain and an impressive range of 470km on a single charge, this new vehicle has excellent features.

The boxy shape of the classic G-Class is retained in the G 580 EQ Technology, however there are a few small changes, such a new grille and subtle EQ emblems. This guarantees a recognisable appearance for G-Class enthusiasts while recognising the transition to electric power.

Mercedes G 580 EQ

Focus on Off-Road Capability

With the G 580 EQ Technology, off-road capabilities has been given top priority by Mercedes-Benz engineers. With a remarkable four-motor electric drivetrain that produces 147 horsepower each, the G 580 has a total output of 587 horsepower and an astounding 1,165 Nm of torque. This powerful drivetrain, with its unique 2-speed gearboxes and dedicated motors is designed specifically to meet the needs of the G-Class.

A number of specialised features are included with the G 580 EQ Technology to further improve off-road performance:

Balancing Range and Capability

The 116kWh battery pack that powers the G 580 EQ Technology is similar to the one found in the EQS electric sedan. This battery is perfect for many daily errands and commuting, with a 470-kilometer driving range.

Although off-road ability is the main focus, Mercedes-Benz engineers have also thought about how off-road driving may affect range. Longer exploration on a single charge is made possible by the regenerative braking technology and the slower driving speeds typical of off-roading.

Innovative Technology Enhances the Experience

The G 580 EQ Technology offers several state-of-the-art innovations that enhance both off-road performance and driving enjoyment. One such feature is the “transparent bonnet” function. This feature uses front-facing cameras to project a real-time image of the landscape directly ahead onto the infotainment screen, making it easier for drivers to maneuver around obstacles. Another creative feature is the distinct underbody guard. This protects the battery pack from damage and doubles as a skid plate to provide additional underbody protection when off-roading.

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