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Pure electric bikes: Pure eTryst 350 launched with cheapest price tag and a breezy speed range, details here

Pure electric bikes: There is currently a high demand for electric bikes, which can be found at affordable prices and are excellent electric bikes. Manufacturer of electric two-wheelers Pure EV (Pure EV) has introduced the eTryst 350 in India. The Make in India programme served as inspiration for the development of Pure eTryst 350 (Pure eTryst 350), which was wholly created at the company’s production facility in Hyderabad. The manufacturer wants to appeal to younger consumers and compete with the high-end 150 cc ICE motorcycles with this model. Here, we give you all the pertinent information concerning this.

Pure electric bikes: Features

The electric bikes have been launched with the features, and the names of these bikes have been changed. The range of electric bikes and the features of the bikes can also be in the range of high-speed prices. Within hours of the booking opening last month, more than 5000 units had been reserved, and this high-speed electric two-wheeler from Hum Apo Hop is now being referred to as such. The eTryst 350 is a “full e-bike,” according to Pure EV. The company claims that it has a top speed of 85 kmph. You can travel 140 km on a single, full charge in terms of range. A designed 3.5 kWh battery is included with the bicycle.

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Spectacular range of battery and charging

Amazing battery and charging range According to the automaker, this motorcycle can produce power and torque on par with high-end ICE (internal combustion engine) motorcycles in India. The bike will be able to compete with its 150cc ICE engined contemporaries in terms of power figures. It has nominal peak outputs of 4kW and 3kW. Up to 150 kilogrammes can be lifted by this bike. Additionally, an 84V 8A charger is included. The bike’s battery, according to the manufacturer, can be fully charged in 6 hours.

3 Driving Modes

According to Pure EV, this electric bike features both economy and high-performance modes. The Pure Etryst 350 EV offers a total of three drive modes. The bike’s top speed is capped at 60 kmph in the first mode, Drive. The peak speed is capped at 75 kmph in the second mode, termed Cross Over. The third and final Thrill mode, on the other hand, has the most power and raises the bike’s top speed to 85 kmph.

Pure electric bikes: Price

The Pure Etryst 350 electric bike’s ex-showroom pricing has been set at Rs. 1,54,999. This bike is currently only offered in Tier I Indian cities. According to PureEV, the bike will be sold at 100 of the company’s dealerships spread out across the nation.

Three hues of Pure Etryst 350 have been introduced. This also features the colours Tan Red, Punch Black, and Sea Blue. The eTryst 350’s battery is covered by a 5 year or 50,000 mile warranty from the manufacturer. It will face off against the Tork Kratos electric bike and the Revolt RV400.

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