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Raptee Motor EV bike: Stunning looks, great range and exceptional power, this electric vehicle is sure to create ripples in the market

Raptee Motor EV bike: Raptee Energy is an electric mobility start-up with headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, that aims to completely transform the Indian market for mid-range motorcycles. Here are the price, range, and characteristics of the Raptee Electric Bike, which the business is introducing into the Indian E2W market.

The EV Starups are developing a high voltage software-driven electric motorcycle that will outperform its gas-powered rival in terms of performance, dependability, comfort, and most importantly cost of ownership, while also constructing our intellectual property across a number of sub-components such as the drivetrain, battery, chassis, software, and safety systems.

Raptee Motor EV bike: Specifications

Range 150km- 200km
Top speed150kmph
Battery capacity2.4 kWh
Charging Time80% in 45 min
Acceleration 0-60kmph (<3 sec) and 0-100kmph (7sec)
Dual channelABS
Expected price290000

Raptee Motor EV bike: Features

This electric bike is the first two-wheeler to use a high voltage (240V) drivetrain, making it compatible with the current network of public charging stations for electric cars. It has a real-world range of 150 km and a top speed of 135 kmph.
This electric motorcycle is intelligent because it connects to other electric motorcycles via a neural network, analyses rider data, and feeds that information back into the motorcycle to make it smarter every day. The company has developed active and passive safety monitoring technologies to make the rider’s everyday trip safer because they recognise that riding a two-wheeler isn’t fully safe.


The business recognised the need for an electric motorcycle to meet the performance and infrastructural issues of the existing two-wheeler market, which is predominantly dominated by entry-level (150cc) electric two-wheelers. Electric motorcycles can go 150 km RW and reach a top speed of 135 Kmph using the power unit that the business manufactures.


Raptee motorcycles charge in accordance with the CCS2 standard, which is the one that is most frequently used worldwide. Consequently, it becomes the first and only electric two-wheeler that can utilise the public charging infrastructure that is already in place for other electric four-wheelers.

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