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Amazon Sale: Get 36% off on Daikin Air Purifier with Lifetime Supply of HEPA Filter, available for just THIS much

This air purifier is available for just Rs 20390 on Amazon right now.

Amazon Sale: These days air purifiers are used to get rid of allergies like dust, pollen, pet dander or other triggers that are making it hard for you to breathe. It also helps people to treat with triggering asthma attacks. If you’re looking for a air purifier, you’ve come to the right spot since we’ve chosen Daikin Air Purifier for you and it’s now on sale for a significant discount. The Daikin MC55XVM6 air purifier uses both passive and active cleaning techniques to provide you with clean air, making it a complete air purifier. It has a triple action approach that eliminates odours from cooking smoke, cigarette smoke, and other sources, as well as viruses, germs, moulds, pollen, and other airborne particles down to PM1.0. This air purifier is available for just Rs 20390 on Amazon right now. Let’s checkout the specifications of this air purifier first.

Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier: Specifications

Specs Daikin MC55XVM6 Air Purifier
Filter TypeHEPA
Coverage Area441 sq ft
Dual Technology Flash Streamer Yes
Lifetime Odour FilterYes
Active PlasmaYes
Coverage 440 Sq. Feet
Control TypeRemote
Suitable ForHome, Office, Room
Price Rs 20390 on Amazon

How much can you save in this Amazon sale?

The air inside buildings nowadays is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, moulds, allergies, pollen, odours, and PM2.5, among other things. Standard mass market air purifiers solely employ HEPA as a filtering technique, which is insufficient because viruses, smoking, and other pollutants have sizes much smaller than 0.3 micrometres, making it impossible for them to be captured by HEPA alone. The MRP of this air purifier is Rs 31990. But after a discount of 36% you can buy it for just Rs 20390.

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