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Jasper AI vs Chat GPT-4: Which One Should You Opt For; Differences Explained

The Jasper AI and the Chat GPT-4 are two of the most potent AI chatbots; we are here to explain their differences.

Jasper AI vs Chat GPT-4: Natural language chatbots that can generate computer code, articles, and poems are widely available these days. Examples of these chatbots are Jasper AI, Chat GPT-4, and numerous others. People consequently become confused between them and are unable to choose the finest AI chatbot. The Chat GPT free version is based on GPT 3.5, the most recent version of this language processing model, which is upgraded to GPT-4. Conversely, Jasper AI is a Cisco artificial intelligence platform that is available as open-source. It generates convincing content automatically by utilising the Chat GPT-3.5, Neo X, T5, and Bloom language processing model from Open AI. We are here to differentiate between these two of the most powerful AI chatbots, the Jasper AI and the Chat GPT-4.

Jasper AI vs Chat GPT-4: Features

Features Jasper AIChat GPT-4
Languages GPT-3.5, OpenAI, Neo X, T5GPT-4
UsesCostumer support, Blogs, email assistance Software programming, combating fraud
Image input NoYes
Output Text Text and image
Accuracy HighHigh
Capabilities LessMore

Here are some other differences

A multimodal language model that can react to both text and visuals is the Chat GPT-4. For example, it will generate a recipe when you send it a picture of a refrigerator filled with food ingredients and ask what you can prepare. Depending on your subscription package, Jasper AI can write a certain number of words. The Boss Mode plan allows you to write up to 700,000 words, while the beginner plan allows you to write up to 320,000 words. You need to subscribe to the Chat GPT-3 Plus plan in order to enjoy the Chat GPT-4 features. Nevertheless, ChatGPT Plus subscribers can only access Chat GPT-4 features for text-only communication. Jasper AI can also be used to rewrite your material so that it is clearer.

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