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Microsoft Windows 11: How to use Shutdown, Hibernate and Sleep option? All Details Here

You had to have utilised one of the three laptop shutdown, hibernate, or sleep choices. Let us be aware of them.

Microsoft Windows 11: If you have a laptop then you must have used one of the three options, Shutdown, Hibernate and Sleep. All usual we always use the Shutdown option when we need to switch our laptop off. But is it that simple? And what about the other two, Hibernate and Sleep, options? When you attempt to shut down the computer, these three alternatives appear. However, even with their potential usefulness, choosing the best alternative is never easy, particularly when it comes to shutting down the computer. Let’s discuss these choices and when to apply them.

Know about the Shutdown option

Of the three, shutdown is arguably the easiest to implement. It’s simple: shut down every application that is now operating on the system, including background apps and services, and then fully shut down the computer. You should utilise shutdown if you plan to leave your computer unattended for an extended period of time. For example, during a nighttime vacation or when travelling. Additionally, if you wish to remove anything from your PC.

Hibernate option

Shutdown is a little more subdued in Hibernate. All of the open apps and services are shut off, but the contents of the RAM are kept. It includes data, programmes, and running applications in the background. When you want to keep something on the system but yet want to boot it faster than when you shut it down, you can use the hibernate option. The nicest thing is that, despite its relatively low power consumption, users don’t have to worry about misplacing items in the event that the battery goes out.

Microsoft Windows 11: Sleep option

Among the three, sleep mode is essentially the fastest. It immediately resumes after entering low power mode so that users can get back to work. This means that every system process, including those that are now running applications and services, will stay open. In essence, this technique doesn’t result in any data loss. During extended workdays, when you have access to a power source or the PC is plugged into a power outlet, you can take brief breaks in sleep mode.

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