Noida News: AC Explodes, Flat Ruined! Tips to Avoid Such Mishaps

Noida News: In order to stay cool during this extreme heat wave, everyone these days needs an air conditioner or air cooler as summer is coming to an end and temperatures are rising. However, many appliances, especially air conditioners are particularly difficult to maintain because of their complexity. The case in Noida( mentioned below in the video link on X) can be repeated to anyone, if you don’t take proper care of these air conditioners, they could explode or catch fire. One such worrying incident happened in Noida, when there are reports of an air conditioner burst up, causing serious damage and sparking concerns about the safety of appliances in the summer heat. The possible causes of this tragedy are listed below, along with some advice on how to prevent similar mishaps in the future.

Noida News: Here are some reasons that may lead same situation

When an AC unit is plugged into a circuit that is overloaded, excessive current flow might result, which can heat up the unit and perhaps start a fire. The AC unit may overheat as a result of accumulated dirt and debris on the coils and filters. However older or improper wiring can result in short circuits, which can ignite sparks and flames. Moreover water can back up and overflow from blocked drain pipes, which could short out electrical components and start fires.

Here are the tips that you can follow to reduce such mishaps

People should hire a qualified technician to inspect all components during routine maintenance to make sure they are in good operating order. Maintaining adequate airflow and avoiding overheating requires routine cleaning or replacement of air filters. To get rid of accumulated dirt and debris, evaporator and condenser coils should be inspected and cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure a licenced electrician installs the AC unit in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The customers should allow the air conditioner to cool down between uses to avoid overheating. In order to preserve effective cooling and avoid overheating, make sure vents are not obstructed.

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