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Television Blast: Alert! Couple dies in Agra due to TV blast; know the reasons and precautions you must take

Tikam Singh was sitting in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, with his wife, Mithilesh, watching TV. Meanwhile, a large explosion occurred due to a defect in the television.

Television Blast: We’ve all heard about the explosions of chargers, cellphones, and other electronic devices. But have you ever heard about the television blast? Yes, we are come to inform you about a recent occurrence that occurred in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Two persons were lost their lives in this television blast. According to the information, the incident occurred on October 4, as Tikam Singh, 26, was seated and watching TV with his wife, Mithilesh, 22, in Fatehpur Sikri, Agra. Meanwhile, there was a big explosion caused by a flaw in the television. According to reports, the couple died as a result of the blast. The blast was so powerful that it severely damaged the couple who were impacted by it. People nearby arrived at the scene after hearing both of their shouts. People first put out the fire and called the police, but the couple died on October 5 while receiving treatment.

Here are the reasons behind Television Blasts

Due to the overload

Many of us today utilise extension cables, however owing to overloading, they can occasionally cause fire or explosion. When TVs, PCs, and other gadgets are connected to the same extension cord, the electrical demand on a single outlet increases. As a result, the wiring may melt, posing a fire danger.

Poorly repaired

If the television is not correctly repaired, it may explode. Poorly repaired televisions pose a fire risk. Find a qualified technician who understands wiring and specialises in TV repair. You can get into a lot of problems in the pursuit of cheapness.

Due to the old wiring

The most common cause of fire in electrical appliances is faulty wiring in the home. Check the wiring in the house on a regular basis. A short circuit caused by old or badly installed wiring might result in a fire.

Here are some precautions

You should always check the whether the television is off or not while living the room because sometimes we just forget to switch it off when the power cuts down. We should always check the proper wiring. We should not connect the television to the extension cords. Avoid repairing the television in the local shops always go to the professionals.

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