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Top 3 Instagram tips you need to know about, checkout unknown tricks here

Here are some lesser-known Instagram tips and tricks you should try, from Instagram time limits to seeing comment history.

Top 3 Instagram tips: One of the largest social media networks in the world, Instagram is a platform owned by Meta. It has a number of features, most of which you may be familiar with. Despite using Instagram for years, you might not have used some of its features. Here are several lesser-known Instagram secrets and tactics you should attempt, from seeing comment history to rearrange filter order.

Top 3 Instagram tips: Rearrange the order of the filters

Scrolling through the extensive array of filters might be rather annoying if you frequently post pictures or videos to Instagram. Thanks to Instagram’s ability to rearrange the order of the filters, you may put your favourite or most often used filters at the front of the list.

Instagram time limit

Do you frequently spend hours scrolling endlessly through memes, videos, and pictures? Want to monitor how much time you spend on Instagram and set a screen time limit? Instagram’s ‘Time Spent’ feature is a handy feature that enables you to set daily limits for the app and even serves as a break reminder.

Comment history

Do you want to know which images, videos, or memes you referenced your friend in or are you curious about the fate of the random post you left a comment on? Users of Instagram can see which posts they have commented on using a built-in tool.

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