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WhatsApp likely to launch AI Chatbot soon; what it means for you

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta is joining the battle with its WhatsApp Meta AI. Thanks to the installation of a Meta AI button, you will soon be able to communicate with your very own chatbot that uses artificial intelligence on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Meta AI

WhatsApp Meta AI: Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more prevalent globally, with chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Brad, and others creating their own virtual worlds. With its WhatsApp Meta AI, Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is also entering the fray. You will soon be able to talk with your very own artificial intelligence chatbot on WhatsApp thanks to the addition of a Meta AI button. The Al chatbot was introduced in the September WhatsApp beta, but it was difficult to locate and initiate discussions because it was tucked away in the contact list. The WhatsApp beta for Android build has a little button on the home screen that can be rapidly pressed to launch the chatbot, making the procedure more rapid and user-friendly.

Where you can get this WhatsApp Meta AI button?

The button is located in the lower right corner, directly above the “New Chat” button. It’s a multicoloured ring on a white square button. Pressing it briefly launches the Meta Al chatbot. Please be aware that the Al chatbots are still in their experimental stage and have only been made available to a small number of users. The availability of a feature in the WhatsApp beta does not guarantee that it will be included in the worldwide release of the same version.

Know about the reports from WABetaInfo

In the Chats page, a new button to initiate new chats can be found above the symbol. By using this button, customers can expedite and enhance their convenience by swiftly accessing Al-powered chats. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, initially revealed the Al chatbot—which is powered by Meta Al—in September. He disclosed that the business is testing Al-powered chatbots for a limited number of customers in the USA.

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