Hero Electric Optima CX EV vs Okinawa i-Praise EV: Greener options compared! Read before you make up your mind

Hero Electric Optima CX EV vs Okinawa i-Praise EV

Hero Electric Optima CX EV vs Okinawa i-Praise EV: Since so many well-known manufacturers have been releasing electric scooters in recent years, we frequently compare electric scooters since it is challenging for us to choose the finest scooter in each category. There are numerous electric car types available right now, such as the Ather, BGauss, Ampere, TVS, Hero, Okinawa, and numerous others. However, how can we decide between the two? We help you make judgements every day by contrasting two electric scooter models that were just released. We are here to compare the Hero Electric Optima CX EV and Okinawa i-Praise EV.

Hero Electric Optima CX EV vs Okinawa i-Praise EV: Specifications

SpecsBGauss C12i EVOkinawa i-Praise EV
Fuel typeElectricElectric
Battery charging time6.5 hrs4 to 5 hrs
Battery capacity3kWh3.3kWh
Power2500 W2500 W
Battery typeLithium ion Lithium-ion (Detachable Battery)
Portable chargerYesYes
PriceVariant – 5.0
Rs 1,30,055
Avg. Ex-Showroom price
Variant – Plus
Rs. 1,24,872
Avg. Ex-Showroom price

Know about the differences

The Optima HX with a single battery has a range of 82 kilometres, and the dual battery variant has a range of 122 km per charge. Currently, charging takes four to five hours. Both versions have a top speed rating of 42 kmph. Conversely, Okinawa’s battery requires two to three hours to fully charge. The scooter’s ability to reduce weight by 4% compared to the previous lead-acid model is another advantage of the Li-ion battery. When fully charged, the new Li-ion battery will have a range of 160–180 km. A 1000 Watt BLDC electric motor provides the motive force.

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