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iPhone 14 Pro: With Five new features, your iPhone can perform some exciting functions, details here

iPhone 14 Pro: The iPhone 14 Pro was just unveiled by Apple at its Far Out event in Cupertino, California. With several new features, Apple has introduced the iPhone 14 line of phones. The Apple iPhone 14 Pro in particular has been released with five new features. Even so, Android phones already come with these functions. Despite the fact that Apple has altered several of these functionalities.


Always on display

In iOS 16, Apple has unveiled a function dubbed Always-On Display. This feature’s unique quality is that even when the display is off, some of the screen’s pixels stay lit, displaying crucial data like the time and messages while using a minimal amount of power. Let us inform you that Samsung introduced this unique feature in the Galaxy S7 phone in 2016. Following this, several companies began including the Always-on display functionality in their Android phones with AMOLED panels.

Crash detection

With iOS 16, Apple introduced the Crash Detection capability for the iPhone. In Google Pixel, this function debuted for the first time. It was added by Google to the app for personal security. It is currently only available for Pixel devices. In case of an accident, Apple’s crash detection feature also offers the ability to set up SOS similar to Google’s feature.

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Lock screen widget

Since 2012, Google has included the lock screen widget feature in Android. But later on, for whatever reason, it was taken down. On the other hand, some Android third-party apps provide the option of a lock screen widget. With iOS 16, Apple updated the lock-screen widget on the iPhone. The ability to customise the lock screen is extremely limited on Google and Apple OS, though.

Auto focus front camera

This feature has been a part of Android smartphones for a long time, just as other features. In the new iPhone 14 series, Apple has added the front camera auto focus feature. The Pixel 3XL, which was released in 2018, was the first device to have this capability. The Galaxy S22 smartphone, on the other hand, also has a selfie autofocus camera.

Action mode

The Action Mode function has also been implemented by Apple to the iPhone 14 series. This feature’s unique quality is that it aids mobile users in shooting steady videos. That is, in a sense, this functionality functions like a gimbal. This capability was available on Samsung and other Android cellphones before the iPhone.

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