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Nothing Phone (1): Some fascinating details revealed by a YouTuber after he disassembles the Nothing Phone

Nothing Phone (1): Nothing just unveiled its first smartphone, complete with a distinctive design and specially developed software functions to support the hardware.

The flamboyant design and transparent back of the Nothing Phone (1) give it a distinctive look. While the smartphone’s interior is already visible, a YouTuber decided to satisfy his curiosity by disassembling the new device. Continue reading to learn more about the Nothing Phone’s translucent exterior (1).

Dave from the YouTube channel Dave2D disassembled the Nothing Phone (1). He saw a switch on the phone’s rear, which aroused his curiosity and led him to disassemble it. The video demonstrates what lies beneath the Nothing Phone’s black and white exterior, however it is not an official gadget deconstruction (1). You should also be aware that only the rear of the device and a few other components have been removed, so this is not a thorough disassembly.

In order to break up the adhesive tape underneath, Dave heated the back to start the dismantling process. The glass back was then pried open using his tools without damaging it. Dave soon wanted to see what the switch was for after the device was opened. It was not a switch, much to his shock and ours. He nevertheless continued to explore the features of the Nothing Phone (1). When examined more closely, the YouTuber finds that the Phone (1)’s speaker is essentially modular and joins the other parts of the phone using pogo pins.

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For more information, view the video up above. It’s wonderful to see how Nothing fashioned the phone’s back. It is also obvious that the Nothing Phone (1) appears quite similar to other phones underneath its white appearance. But we also need to be aware of how the design becomes utterly original when a little perspective is added.

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