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Blast In Kabul: 3 People have died

Blast In Kabul: There have been 3 strong explosions in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Due to these explosions, 5 people have died and several dozen people are injured. These blasts have happened in western Kabul. The first blast happened in Mumtaz School. Eyewitnesses said that many people were injured in this blast. The second blast happened near another school.

According to sources, dozens of people were killed in the blasts in western Kabul. In this incident 5 people died, while several dozen people were injured. There has been a stir in the area after the blast. However, no organization has claimed responsibility for the blast yet.

Significantly, in Afghanistan, the Pakistani Air Force carried out air strikes on Saturday. 47 people were killed in air strikes in Khost and Kunar provinces of Pakistani Air Force. Pakistani security forces carried out air strikes on Waziristan refugees in Sparai district of southeastern Khost province and Shaltan district of East Kunar province.

Afghanistan strongly condemned the Pakistani Air Force action and the Foreign Ministry summoned Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kabul Mansoor Ahmed Khan in response to the attacks. After this, Pakistan said that Afghanistan should secure the area around the Pakistan-Afghan border and take strict action against the terrorists.

At the same time, Inayatullah Khawarajimi, the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense in Afghanistan, said that no country should take the test of Afghans. In history, the Afghans have proved that they have not lived without responding to any invasion. People from Nangarhar gathered in large numbers in the province’s Ghanikhil district on Sunday to protest Pakistani airstrikes in Afghanistan.

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