Amul’s Picture Perfect Doodle With Bill Gates and Dolly Chaiwala Breaks The Internet


Bill Gates recent visit to India included a delightful encounter that captured the hearts of the internet. The former Microsoft co-founder was spotted enjoying a cup of chai, a popular Indian tea, from the stall of Dolly Chaiwala, a well-known tea seller in Nagpur. This simple act not only showcased Gates’ down-to-earth personality but also highlighted the rich tapestry of Indian street culture.

Viral Video Sparks Amul’s Creative Spin

The heartwarming moment was captured in a video that quickly went viral on social media. It depicted Gates engaging in a conversation with Dolly Chaiwala, further endearing netizens. Adding a playful touch to the viral interaction, Amul, a popular Indian dairy brand, released a creative doodle.

“Chaicrosoft”: Amul’s Witty Doodle

Aptly titled “Chaicrosoft. Amul – Gatesway To Taste,” the Amul doodle features an animated Bill Gates receiving not only a glass of chai but also two slices of bread slathered with Amul butter from Dolly Chaiwala. This humorous illustration garnered over 11,000 likes and numerous reactions online, with people appreciating the unexpected yet delightful “crossover.”

Dolly Chaiwala’s Unexpected Recognition

Interestingly, Dolly Chaiwala, who became an internet sensation overnight, initially did not recognize the Microsoft co-founder. He only realized who he had served tea to after the video went viral on social media.

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