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Costliest Soap In The World: Do you know the cost? The actual amount will make your jaw drop

The shocking and unique thing about this soap, after the cost, is that the soap is made of gold and diamond. Most of the customers of the soap are from Dubai.

Costliest Soap In The World

When asked how much the most costly soap will cost, what would you say? Either 1000 or 2000 can be your response. However, you are mistaken. One soap in the entire world has a price that will leave you stunned. For the price of one bar of soap, you could purchase a gold necklace. Actually, it also includes gold and diamonds and this is the reason behind the high cost of the soap. Some unique persons are also among its supporters.

What makes it the Costliest Soap In The World?

This soap is created in Lebanon’s Tripoli. It costs $2,800 USD (roughly Rs 2,07,800). Bader Hassen & Sons is the name of the firm that makes it. Its proprietors prepare it by their hand and the manufacturer has given the soap the moniker ‘The Khan Al Saboun.’ Aside from that, the firm produces a variety of premium soaps and creams. The company’s specialty is that it exclusively uses pure components to make their final product. Since the 15th century, this location in Tripoli has been used for soap production.

Made of gold and diamond powder

The soap bar is made of gold and diamond powder, according to information provided by Badar Hasan & Sons. The luxury bar of soap had a rough feel due to the gold and diamond powder, according to several reports. However, it will not do any harm if you apply the soap to your body. It first seemed to be a chunk of cheese and that’s the reason behind upgrading the design later. Amir Hassan, the company’s CEO, gave this soap to Bahraini star Shaila Sabt a few years ago. There was a lot of talk about it on social media at the time.

Who buys the soap?

The firm claims to make a selection of luxury soaps that contain useful essential oils and natural scents. These handmade luxury soaps may be found in some of the UAE’s most premium stores. The majority of its clients are based in Dubai but it is only granted to a few select individuals. The first batch of soap was created in 2013, and it was given to Qatar’s First Lady. The soap contains 17 grams of pure gold, as well as a few grams of diamond powder, pure olive oil, organic honey, dates, and other ingredients that make the soap unique.

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