Credit Card: ICICI Bank Blocks Credit Cards of 17,000 Customers Following Data Breach Concerns



Credit Card: ICICI Bank has taken swift action to block the credit cards of over 17,000 customers after unauthorized individuals gained access to their credit card data. The move comes in response to reports of security concerns raised by concerned customers regarding the bank’s iMobile Pay App.

Data Breach Concerns:

The security lapse was brought to light when customers expressed apprehensions about the security of the iMobile Pay App on social media platforms. Users reported instances where sensitive information such as card numbers and CVVs were visible within the app, raising serious concerns about the protection of customer data.

Acknowledgment by ICICI Bank:

An ICICI Bank spokesperson acknowledged the incident, attributing it to approximately 17,000 new credit cards mistakenly linked to incorrect users within the bank’s digital channels. However, the spokesperson reassured customers that no instances of misuse have been reported thus far. Additionally, the bank has pledged to compensate affected customers for any financial losses incurred.

iMobile Pay App Overview:

The iMobile Pay App serves as the official mobile banking platform of ICICI Bank, offering a comprehensive suite of over 400 banking services. Available to both ICICI Bank and non-ICICI Bank customers, the app facilitates various financial transactions and services, including card management, fund transfers, loan applications, and deposit account management.

Customer Action Steps:

In light of the data breach incident, affected customers are advised to closely monitor their credit card statements and transactions for any signs of suspicious activity or unauthorized charges. Additionally, customers are encouraged to contact ICICI Bank’s customer care services to request a replacement credit card with a new number and security code for enhanced security measures.


The swift response by ICICI Bank underscores its commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of customer data. As investigations into the data breach continue, the bank remains vigilant in addressing customer concerns and implementing measures to prevent future incidents of this nature.

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