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Credit Score: Worried About Low CIBIL Score? Check Simple Steps to Get Back on Track

Boost Your Credit Score with These Strategies

A good credit score is like a golden key in today’s world. It unlocks the doors to loans you need, whether it’s a dream home, a new car, or even a business venture. But what happens if past mistakes or financial bumps bring your score down below 500? Don’t worry, rebuilding your credit score is definitely achievable. Here’s a guide packed with practical tips to get you back on track:

Smart Credit Card Usage

  • Secured Credit Card: Consider a secured credit card. Unlike a regular credit card, a secured card requires a deposit that acts as your credit limit. By using this card responsibly and paying your bills on time, you can demonstrate positive credit behavior and improve your score.
  • Become an Authorized User: Piggyback on a good credit history! If a close family member has a credit card with a good record, talk to them about becoming an authorized user on their account. Their positive payment history can reflect on your credit report and give your score a lift.
  • Credit Builder Loan: This unique loan is designed specifically to help build credit. The lender deposits the loan amount into a savings account you can’t access. You then repay the loan in installments, which is reported to credit bureaus, positively impacting your score.

Keep Your Credit Utilization Low

Credit utilization refers to the amount of credit you’re using compared to your credit limit. Ideally, you should aim to keep this ratio below 20%. For example, if your credit limit is ₹50,000, try not to spend more than ₹10,000 at any given time. This demonstrates responsible credit management and helps improve your score.

Monitor Your Credit Report Regularly

Your credit report is a financial snapshot that lenders use to assess your creditworthiness. It’s crucial to check your report frequently for any errors or inaccuracies. These mistakes can bring down your score, so promptly dispute them with the credit bureau to ensure your report is accurate.

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