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Gold Rate Update: Prices of precious metals move up North; Checkout before buying

Today's gold prices in India are Rs 5,484 per gram for 22k and Rs 5,983 per gram for 24k, also known as 999 gold.

Gold Rate Update
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Gold Rate Update: During bad periods in other markets and economies, gold is frequently seen as a safe haven for investors. When inflation begins to outpace interest rates, investors begin to seek for more stable investments. Gold is viewed as a safeguard against inflation. Gold prices in India today are Rs 5,484 per gram for 22k, and Rs 5,983 per gram for 24k, commonly known as 999 gold.

Prices of gold in some major cities

Name of cities Prices of 22k gold in rupees Prices of 24k gold in rupees

Gold Rate Update: On MCX

The MCX 10-gram gold futures contract for October 5, 2023, gained by 0.25% to Rs 59045. The price of silver futures with a delivery date of September 5, 2023 is currently Rs. 72185, down 0.87% from the price at which they would expire on December 5, 2023. In recent years, gold has not provided particularly impressive returns. As a result, it is advisable to simply acquire in order to expand your possibilities. Any other asset class, such as stocks or real estate, would decline if gold rose. As a result, it is regarded as a haven asset.

You can get the latest prices of gold by giving a missed call

You can phone 8955664433 and leave a missed call to get the retail price of gold. You will receive the prices by SMS shortly after making a missed call to this number. Additionally, for ongoing updates or information, visit www.ibja.com or ibjarates.com.

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