HSCL Stock Surges Over 280% in one Year with Growing FII Interest – Is It Time to Invest?

Delve into the remarkable journey of HSCL stock, witnessing an impressive surge of over 280% in less than a year. As we explore this ascent, backed by increasing FII interest, investors are compelled to ponder the question: Should HSCL find a place in your investment portfolio? Justifying this inquiry are key indicators, including a substantial market cap of ₹17,050 crore, a PE ratio of 52.0, and a ROCE of 13.7%.

Daily Chart Analysis

The daily chart of HSCL unveils a compelling uptrend, with the stock soaring from 96.85 in January 2023 to its current position above 380 rupees per share, delivering investors a remarkable return of over 280%.

A recent breakout in the stock suggests potential opportunities, especially considering the stock is trading near its all-time high. In such scenarios, pullbacks are often viewed favorably for creating strategic positions.

Quarterly Results Overview

HSCL’s consolidated profit after tax for the September quarter of 2023-24 witnessed an exceptional three-fold increase, reaching Rs 100.62 crore. This surge can be attributed to a prudent reduction in expenses. Although total income saw a dip to Rs 1,014.34 crore, down from Rs 1,067.10 crore in the year-ago quarter, HSCL’s strategic cost management played a pivotal role.

Focus on Future Growth

A notable shift in HSCL’s focus is towards manufacturing raw materials for lithium-ion batteries, aligning with the global transition to electric vehicles. The company is actively building a robust portfolio to meet the demands of the evolving automotive landscape.

About HSCL

Himadri Speciality Chemical stands as a leader in the manufacturing of carbon materials and chemicals. Holding the position of the No.1 coal pitch manufacturer in India, HSCL is a unique entity as the sole producer of advanced carbon materials in the country. Additionally, it claims the title of the largest player in Naphthalene and SNF in India. Explore the opportunities and potential of HSCL as it continues its upward trajectory in the stock market.

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