MIC Electronics Limited Share: Over 1000% Returns, Triple-Digit Growth in Q2 Results; Should You Consider?

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MIC Electronics Limited, established in 1988, has evolved into a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of LED Video Displays, high-end Electronic and Telecommunication equipment, and Telecom software. At its peak, the company was ranked 5th globally in true color display technology. Over the years, MIC Electronics has garnered attention not only for its technological prowess but also for its impressive financial performance. With a stock that has delivered over 1000% returns in recent years and robust quarterly results, many investors are turning their eyes toward this emerging player in the market.

Weekly Chart of the StocK

In 2019, the shares of MIC Electronics were in a consolidation phase, and the breakout occurred in early 2021.

The stock, valued at around 3 rupees per share in 2020, has surged to nearly 35 rupees per share by 2023, delivering exceptional returns of more than 1000% to its investors. This remarkable trajectory reflects the company’s strategic positioning and the market’s recognition of its potential.

Q2 FY 2023 – 24 Results

The quarterly results for September 2023 showcase MIC Electronics’ remarkable growth year over year. Net Sales have surged to Rs 7.10 crore, marking a staggering 1320% increase from Rs. 0.50 crore in September 2022. The Quarterly Net Profit has witnessed an impressive rise, reaching Rs. 8.30 crore, a remarkable 1666.04% upswing from Rs. 0.53 crore in September 2022. The EBITDA stands at Rs. 2.48 crore in September 2023, showcasing a phenomenal 3000% increase from Rs. 0.08 crore in September 2022. Additionally, the Earnings Per Share (EPS) has climbed from Rs. 0.02 in September 2022 to Rs. 0.37 in September 2023, underlining the company’s robust financial health.

Clients Served

MIC Electronics has an impressive clientele, including prominent names such as L&T Ltd, Indian Railways, RBI, HP, MTNL, SBI, P&G, LIC, Reliance Industries Ltd, Tata Teleservices, and many more. Its diverse range of clients across sectors like telecommunications, banking, and manufacturing underscores the widespread recognition of MIC Electronics’ innovative solutions.

MIC Electronics Limited’s remarkable journey of growth, propelled by the key factors driving its success, presents a compelling investment opportunity. However, it is highly advised that investors conduct comprehensive research and align their investment choices with their individual financial goals to make informed and judicious decisions.

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