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Old coin scheme: Got old 50 paise coin? You can earn Rs 1 lakh this way

Old coin scheme: This material is for you if coin collecting is your hobby. Many people keep old coins for a very long period. You now have a great opportunity to gain money thanks to these coins. In actuality, the price of these coins has suddenly surged. Today, we’re going to tell you about a coin that has the potential to turn you into a billionaire right away.

This coin was discontinued in 2011

Let us inform about one of the latest old coin scheme that selling antique coins can bring in millions and billions of rupees. These coins can be found in online auctions for a decent price. Old coins and banknotes are offered for sale on numerous online auction sites. You can also make money without putting in a lot of effort. If you have this 50 cent coin, you can exchange it for up to Rs 1 lakh. For this, you’ll need to sell it online.

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This coin can be sold for Rs 1 lakh

This coin is being offered for Rs 1 lakh on the used-products website OLX. The fact that this coin was created in 2011 makes it special. This coin dates from the year Chavanni was declared illegal. You can quickly become a billionaire by selling a 50 cent coin if you own one.

You can advertise on OLX if you wish to sell a 50 peso coin from 2011.

Customers are paying a hefty amount for this rare coin on this website.

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