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Old coins Scheme : You can earn Rs.5 lakh from this antique coin

Old coins Scheme : If you want to gain rapid money without doing anything, this information is specifically for you. While remaining at home, you can make more than 5 lakhs. If you have ancient coins, you can easily sell them for cash.

Items are categorised as antique pieces when they reach an ancient age. On the global market, demand for these antique objects is very high. These antique things will bring in a healthy profit. In this scenario, you might become a billionaire if you appreciate collecting antiquated coins or banknotes.

You can win up to Rs 5 lakh online if you have an old 2 rupee coin. The 1994, 1995, 1997, or 2000 series coins are the only ones that will work. If you hold this coin, you could make Rs 5 lakh.

This coin may be purchased as well.

If you possess this two rupee coin, you can sell it on OLX.com.

On one website, buyers are paying a substantial sum for this rare coin.

You must first sign up as a seller on Olx before you can sell coins.

After that, click the image of the coin’s two sides to upload it.

Next, input your email address and mobile number.

Check the details you’ve provided on the website.

You will hear from everyone who wants to buy.

According to the Old coins Scheme, if you’re lucky, the buyer will get in touch with you directly. Then, you can sell your coin (Old Coins) in accordance with the delivery and payment terms. In case you forgot, the two-rupee coin was first released in India in 1982. The ancient 2 rupee currency was made of cupro-nickel metal. A number of coins were no longer produced in the nation in recent years. Since then, the value of current coins has greatly increased.

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