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Old notes scheme: If you know how, you can get Rs. 5 lakh with this Rs. 100 note

Old notes scheme : The old 100 rupee note contains a secret feature that can instantly turn you into a millionaire. You only need to submit the picture of the valuable note you always carry with you online to accomplish this. People are suddenly becoming millions and billionaires, according to old notes. How well you can discern their hidden qualities is still up in the air.

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It is not required for the note to be old in order for it to have the qualities and worth it does. Additionally, new notes can be sold for thousands of rupees under Old notes scheme. In the new note, their serial are unique.

If you have an ancient coin or note, you may easily sell it today and get thousands to millions of rupees. However, there should be two specific items in those notes for this.

What should the distinctive feature of the former 100-rupee note be?

The note should be ancient, and its serial number should be unique, which means it should have 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888, or 9999 digits, or 786. You can make more than 5 lakh rupees while staying at home if the same number appears twice.

Particularly the double-digit 786 note will be easily sold for similar notes. So, after carefully inspecting the money deposited in the house and the piggy bank belonging to your kids, try to separate these notes from the others.

You must first visit online marketplaces like eBay, Coinbazzar, and OLX in order to sell your old currency. You can register right here on the home page. Click this link to create your seller account, then snap a photo of the note or coin you have, upload it, and list it for sale. The individual who wants to buy that note or coin will get in touch with you via the phone number you provide on that website, and you can haggle and sell your note to them.

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