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Old notes scheme: You can earn in lakhs if you have some 2 rupee notes, details here

Old notes scheme: With just a two rupee note, we can become crorepatis if we so choose. It is unquestionably true that a used 2rs note currently costs more than Rs. 200,000 on an online marketplace. If you own this note, you can sell it and make a million rupees.

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This Rs. 2 note will make you a millionaire. The old note is worth several times more on the market than it is worth. You simply cannot imagine what it might cost you. These days, thousands of rupees are being paid for these notes on numerous websites.

If you have a pink note for 2 rupees, you may sell it for far more than its face value. Let us inform you that the price of this note currently ranges from 15 to 20,000. If you have a lot of these notes. You can therefore make lakhs of rupees. If you have a 2 note, however, its serial number is 786. Therefore, you could earn millions of rupees. Such notes are extremely expensive on the market. If you wish to, you can sell notes with a serial number of 786 for a very high price in the market.

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Old notes scheme:How to sell

You must use internet marketplaces like Coin Bazaar, Quikr, and eBay to sell it. By going to these websites, you must first register. Keep in mind that the seller should be registered. After that, you may enter your personal information.
Once this process is finished, you must upload the images of both sides of your coin or note here. After uploading, the site will run your advertisement. People who are interested in this ad will get in touch with you as soon as it is seen. You can sell notia for the price of the coin in this method.

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